To allow or not to allow your guests to request music on the day of your wedding is the question. Many Brides & Grooms may not understand the advantages or disadvantages of allowing their guests to request songs during the dance portion of the evening. We’ll break down the Pros and Cons of this decision and let you make the choice.



  • Less work picking out your evenings music.
  • Everyone gets what they want to hear
  • May even help you in making music choices for dances



  • Guests music choices may not be in everyone else’s best interest
  • Requests may not be appropriate
  • Guests selections don’t represent the Bride & Groom’s tastes


But does it really make everyone happy?


Unless the two families know each other very well, at least one person will not be happy with the request. The Brides uncle may not understand the music tastes of the Grooms side of the family. And the Groom Aunt may not realize that her requested song offends the Brides parents. In the end, it takes two well versed, understanding, and easy going families to handle Guests requests. However, our DJ are trained to handle these types of situations. So even if you allow music requests (open the floor), we can handle it and make sure that everyone in the room has a great time.


How do we help cure the diversity in music requests?


It’s simple. First, we tell every Bride & Groom that their music should represent them and their tastes. Next, we offer a “Guest Request” form in our online planner. This allows every Client to view and edit your guest requests BEFORE the night of your event. Third, our DJ’s have the experience and talent to handle “odd” or “unwanted” with class and style. Our DJ’s can make and allow selections to fit the format of the evening’s dance. Ultimately, we give you the choice to fully, partially, or not to allow requests. Either way, we can handle it appropriately and effectively.


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