Dj Sound Productions is offering some advice on how to find the perfect minneapolis wedding dj.

“All theses DJS. How do I pick one!”

Picking a wedding DJ service, especially in Minneapolis, is NO EASY TASK! Deciphering the details is such a difficult situation that most other wedding DJ companies don’t even shop their own competition! If we do get any incite about our competitors, it’s usually online via their website. And we see that’s how most Brides & Grooms do it too! Just like you, we don’t get to attend a wedding to see “how they do it” like you could if they owned a pizza place or store.

So here’s a quick pro-tip.

Take a sheet of paper (or a word processing program like MS Word or Excel) and make a chart. Write down all the companies you’re interested in at the top (and we hope we are one!). Then on the left side column, list all the things that matter to you or you really want for your wedding about the wedding Music/DJ company. For example, you may list things like: “Do they have reviews?”, “Do you want a company that pays attention to details?”, “Do they have a vast music selection?”, “Do they have a DJ that specializes in the Genera that you want to be played?”, etcetera. Then if on the computer, color the field a certain color (or text) that applies to ALL your acceptable ranges. If on paper, put a checkmark or circle. Then add it up at the bottom. The company that has the higher number may more than likely have your majority of interests in mind! Think of it like a DJ company “” for your wedding.

The table can look like this:


What I really want/need DJ Company 1 DJ Company 2 DJ Company 3 NOTES:
– Attention to detail YES HIGH YES MEDIUM NO Phone Conversation
– Experience 10 Years 25Years 3 Years  
– Music Selection 100,000 1 Million Unlimited  
– Allows Custom Music Selections YES NO YES  
– Reviews 4 Stars 3 stars 5 stars What star Rating
– Multiple DJs YES YES NO  
– Wireless Mic included NO YES YES  
– Guarantee in Contract YES NO NO Music & Audio
– Contract public YES NO NO On Site
– Pro Audio YES YES YES  
– Lighting included NO NO YES Charges Extra
– Pay for upgrades YES YES NO Equipment, lighting
– Can do ceremony YES NO YES Extra Price
– Professional Informative Website YES NONE NO  
– 24/7 Assistance & Calling NO YES NO  
– Answers Emails Timely YES YES NO 1 day Max
– Advance planning included YES YES YES Phone and Site
– Bilingual DJs NO YES YES Smanish Speaking
– Accepts Credit or Cash only Credit & Cash Cash Only Credit Only  
– Has Country & Latin music YES Didn’t say NO  
– Can accommodate 300+ Guests YES NO NO  
– have they been to my venue YES NO YES  
– Pricing within budget NO YES YES Under $1000
– Does extras (karaoke / Games) Karaoke NO Karaoke & Ga  
– Is Insured YES NO NO 1 Mill Required
TOTAL: 19 10 13  

With this method, you’ll start to see one develop and become the leader. You also do not have to remember these important details because the ones that are most important to, you at your wedding, are listed. If you don’t care about dance props & costumes, no need to list it. In the example above, you may initially think a 5-star wedding DJ company is the only way to go, and for most it maybe. But for the DETAILS of your wedding…they’re not a very good or complete fit. But the 4 star reviewed company is a much better fit and acceptable. And the 3 star company…well…we now see possibly why they are three stars. This list also prevents a “good salesman” to talk you into things you don’t want or need because this serves as a reminder of the most important things for your wedding.

Calling the DJ company to get these details.

“I don’t want to ‘Bug’ the DJ Company with tons of questions.” Ummm…YES YOU DO! Bug away! If you call and email but get the impression the DJ Company is “Bugged” or “annoyed”, how do you think they will react to your wedding when you need them the most? Test them…HARD! Call the DJ company at least once, and then again the same day if you still have questions. Did someone answer? Are you ignored? Did they call back in a timely manner acceptable to YOU if no answer? This can be an indication of how they will treat your wedding. Let the DJ company know that you can also be answered by text if you like that as well!

Reviews about the wedding DJ services.

Just because you read a review that one family in Minneapolis had so much fun because the DJ brought costumes for everyone, as you see above, that may not even be a valid review for you because it doesn’t pertain to your style or tastes for your wedding. Reviews are to be taken seriously but have an “acceptable range”, which will lead to practical results, in the matching of a DJ company to your wedding. If there are reviews that you question, call or email them and ask about those reviews!

“I have 4 Minneapolis wedding DJ companies that are in very close range. How do I pick one now?”

If you have a few that are really close in numbered results. Pick one-third 1/3) of the items you list on the left and mark those in red or highlight them. These will be your “MUST haves”, the things you will not and can not live without. Add those numbers up, see if there is a wedding DJ company that stands out on those topics. If one company doesn’t, then add more items if possible to the left list. Get those item ideas from family, past married couples and find out options you may not have thought about. If all else fails and they are still close, pick based on affordability. Go with the more affordable cheaper Minneapolis DJ company!

“But the wedding DJ that is almost a perfect match is the most expensive and over my budget! Do I have to settle?”

Not always! About 99% of the DJ Companies in Minneapolis have owners that are actually involved with their companies. It’s not like a Dominos Pizza or Target store where they can’t adjust their prices. Give that DJ company a call. Tell them what the results of your hard sought-out research are and that you have a budget. Many will be thrilled that you called them and told them that “You really want them” at your wedding. Almost always, if the budget is reasonable, they may work with you. Meet in the Middle. If your booking well in advance, saving a few extra dollars over 6, 12, or 18 months is totally worth it to be as close to perfection as you can get!

In the end, a chart like the one above will help you sort it out, be more organized, and less work in the future having to remember it all. The more items you list, the more likely you’ll have a closer match to your wedding taste, style,  needs and wants. It’s YOUR wedding, and you only get to do this once!

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