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Paying for DJ experience? Did you just get taken?


So, you’ve done your research and picked out a few wedding DJ companies in Minneapolis. You have your sights on one or two those of companies. You pull the trigger on the company that looks the best, sold you on their services, and was possibly cheaper than all the rest. You sign the contract and think that part of the wedding is all done and no more worries! But is what you didn’t notice, is when you read their package prices, you notice a little something…odd. You see their pricing, but then you finally discover that it’s for their “Basic” level DJ! Wait?! What?! You have to pay more to those companies if you want your wedding to be amazing? They baited you in on a “basic” price, then switched it up to tell you that you only purchased their basic entry-level DJ. You scramble and call the company and ask about their “top-level DJ” just to find out, it’s well over a thousand dollars more! This is called “Bait & Switch”! You thought you were getting the greatest of what they had, but in return, you got the low-level of what they had.


How’s the idea of that DJ “training” at YOUR wedding sound; because that’s exactly what he’s doing! If you are one of the lucky ones, you caught this before you booked that DJ company. But, Is this fair? Well, if you want sub-par music, sub-par skills of your DJ, sub-par knowledge from the DJ, and sub-par wedding, then it’s OK.


They use terms like “Premium DJ”, “Studio level”, “Echelon Level”, ‘Exclusive DJ”, then the term for the, not so qualified DJ in training term of, “Associate Level DJ”. But is what we noticed, is they don’t use the term that we use. Perhaps, maybe because they don’t have what we have; The Best DJs. We provide only our BEST DJs for your wedding reception. When we charge a fee, we make it affordable for our BEST service and BEST DJs. Our DJs have more experience than 99% of the DJs out there!


There are quite a few Multi-Tier DJ companies in the Twin Cities that are offering this type of service. How about a company that only hires the BEST DJs, the DJs with the most experience, and NO scams? Yes, it’s true, you get what you pay for in this wedding DJ industry. Experience combined with quality is not cheap. But do you want to be scammed into that purchase, or do you want to knowingly make that purchase?


Picking Your DJ?


What about picking your own DJ? Unless you think it’s fun to play Russian roulette with the only day that you can’t afford to have ruined or to hire the wrong DJ company, then picking your own DJ isn’t for you. Those companies that offer 40 DJ’s to pick from, in our opinion, is frankly a joke and misleading to all couples that have dreamed about their wedding day since they were little. Why? Pick the wrong DJ with the wrong personality, or the wrong skill level, or even the wrong look, and you’re still left with a sub-par wedding. You call the company to complain about the DJs performance, or skill level, or the fact that he wasn’t right for your event, and that company places the blame back on you stating that YOU picked him or her and they are NOT responsible. If that DJ quits, gets a higher paying gig, etc, you have to start the planning process all over again with a new DJ, and most of the time, it’s just days before your actual wedding!


Look, all the “options” above are just simply playing games with customers. Preying on those that don’t have the knowledge in weddings.  Those games are meant for the 5th-grade school dance, not your once in a lifetime, only wedding reception. Choices are great, right? But do you want your mechanic to ask YOU how to install the crank shaft and then give you 10 choices on how to do it? And if you pick the wrong choice, you are responsible. That’s not your job. That’s why you hire a professional.  Here at DJ sound Productions, we have multiple DJs that are employed with our company. Not subcontractors that are paid less than what their worth.  No emails after booking to tell you to “upgrade” your DJ skill level. That isn’t fair, honest, or moral.


After 20+ years in the wedding industry, we should know how to pair and match a DJ to your tastes and style paired with the knowledge of not only weddings in general, but your wedding. We’ve been doing it for the last 7500+ weddings and still maintain winning awards, 5-star ratings, and happy Couples all over Minnesota because we know what we are doing! That pressure and knowledge shouldn’t be passed onto anyone. That’s not your responsibility.


Ok, so great info right. But, what are some of the other clues to spot this type of behavior when they aren’t being transparent? One of the major signs is the contract. Is their contract public? It’s it displayed for all too see? Is it the same contract that everyone gets? That’s important. But, is what’s also important is the TERM DJ or FOR THE DJ. You get a copy of the contract, and there is the “company name” on it, but also, they “legally” assign you a DJ with their name. Or there is a section that talks about the DJ that you pick. That section will have the DJs name and a whole bunch of legal jargon about releasing liability of “the company” and communication with the DJ, and the DJ’s responsibility, ETC. In the end, you are just paying a brokerage company with no responsibility and those DJs, by law, do NOT have to follow anything that that company promises. So what sold you to that company may likely not be what you get.


In the end, it pays to do the research, but it also pays to hire a company that is great at providing the best service, the best DJs in the industry, and the most transparency in their services for your once in a lifetime wedding.


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Great informative info!

Jeff Erickson

Is there something in the contract of theirs that we should look out for for those that are on a lower budget for a DJ? Very informative like the poster above said!

MN Wedding & Party DJ Service

Hi Jeff!

I’m not sure if we mentioned it in a previous blog post, but the short answer is YES. The one main “tell-all” is if their contract wording when you enter your name and something like: “Between Wedding DJ company for the DJ (DJ’s Name:)__________ and you”, is typed into the contract. This will tell you about a subcontracted DJ..when the DJ name is in the contract with or without the “DJ Company” your supposedly booking. Sometimes this may not be a part of the contract what so ever. You need to contract with SOMEONE and not just a “blank” or blanket contract.

Moreen Richards

Very informative article! Minnesota brides don’t always know this stuff! Glad I took a moment to read it. Thank you


Well…that sure was insiteful. Too bad for some of us…..this article came a weeeee but too late. Damn.

Sandy Stonstrum

So why not make a list of positive things to be looking out for? This has been a practice for many years with bigger companies. Buyer be ware….but their all doing it. So whats the fuss?


So….how do we get out of their contract when this happens? Can we?

Jane Martins

Cute article. Finally someone brought this up. We booked with you because of this very reason…so im glad to see your calling out those minneapolis wedding dj companies that pull this crap.


Thanks for the post info!


Would have been better if you mentioned that companies that are doing this!

Wouldnt you like to know

Thanks for the info! Well said.


Ooooh….someone hit this on the nose and some other companies are gonna be pissed! Way to blow them up!


Naild it!

Curtis Aedz

TRUE. I worked for a past company in minneapolis that did wedding DJ stuff….i got tired ofbhearing this bait and switch. You guys hiring? Lol


Can we cite this on our site? Thanks!


We wish we would have known this BEFORE we booked the “low price” leader. UGH. Any openings for July 22nd? Minneapolis Marquette hotel?

We booked with the “big box” company that starts with a “B”. Then we talked to our “DJ”. I put that in quotes because he really wasnt a DJ with under a months experience. We were not impressed. So we asked for a better one. They quoted $1499 more for an experienced DJ! Over $2100 for 6 hours! We were furrious…but stuck. We had to do it. The “entry level” guy didnt have a clue about weddings.

When we questioned the company….they simply said, “you get what you pay for”.


Good Read. Good insight.

Elisa Waldrup

You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. Fantastic job. I really loved what you had
to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!



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