We get asked so many times if a couple can come to watch us perform at a wedding. Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.


Virtually all weddings are private events. If we had everyone that wanted to come to watch our DJs perform, there would be hundreds of unknown guests at every wedding. That Bride & Groom wouldn’t want that and neither would you. BUT, there is a way to check a company’s performance. Since all DJ companies will not post or give you those “sketchy” or negative references and videos, only the positive ones, how do you figure it out? Well, the answer is simple, Google! What to Google and research? I’ll list them below.

Things to Google:


1. The company name AND URL. This is a big one. If anything has been written negatively, it will show up! Positive things don’t get written about a whole lot, but the bad things usually do. This can tell you a lot about a company. If a company hasn’t had a history or experience in the industry, you will know because you won’t find much about that DJ Company. Many DJs are human, things happen and unfortunately, they are usually always exploited by reviews, and in some cases, many reviews on the same wedding while if positive, usually one review is written. If you see a company with 50, 100, 500 perfect 5-star reviews, be mindful that either they aren’t human, or those reviews……might not be from real actual clients!


2. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) www.bbb.org. The BBB does basic research of companies that have been established. It’s a good indicator of a company’s structure as well as fields complaints from consumers. It does research the State Departments’ information on company start-up and the principal officers. If a DJ company claims to have 20+ years in business, and the BBB states they started 2 years ago, this might be a red flag. But be aware of the BBB’s “Accredited Program” though. Why? It’s a PAID ADVERTISING spot. The BBB DOES NOT do any extra extensive research or do and special “investigation” of any Company just because it’s “accredited”. ANY company can call up, pay the fees, and become “accredited”. They call us up regularly asking for money for their “accredited” status. When asked if they actually “accreditated” a company, they tell us that they don’t “endorse” or “back” any one company and it’s just a means of arbitration if a complaint arises. So ultimately, a Company pays for an arbitrator from the BBB if needed.


3. Ask for any websites where there are reviews by past customers. If there are reviews written about a DJ company, that company would know about it. If they have NO reviews written, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you know that maybe they don’t have the volume of DJ business. Keep this in mind, about 1 customer out of every 75 events writes a good review, but it takes 1 out of every 2 “bad” things to happen to write a bad review.


4. Ask for a company resume. Ask each DJ Company if there is anything special about their DJ’s. For example, have they done any major events, are they decorated, a basic resume of the DJ’s they have. Ask about any special events that the DJ Company has performed. Are they a part of the community. Have they provided for any DJ services for local establishments or artists?  Being a part of the community, either by donating services to non-profits or charity events also helps to let you know that a company has a presence in the business community and established. Check out what our past customers have to say here! Wedding DJ Reviews


In the end, there is no easy way or one single website that does all your research for you. You have to take the initiative to make sure that the company you’re hiring is legit, established, and offer exactly what they state. Make sure any guarantee is written INTO THE CONTRACTS and not just a posting on their site. Your OWN research will pay off in the end!


Check out our resume on the “What are they saying” on our “References & wedding DJ reviews” page!


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