The answer is YES! Whether it’s your ceremony or reception, we have you covered. We are one of the ONLY DJ companies in Minnesota that have the type of professional audio equipment that can handle any type of outdoor wedding or party in Minnesota from the beaches of north shore, to your beautiful outdoor backyard in southern Minnesota.

How? We use specifically designed equipment that utilizes a 90-degree angle and professional HD sound to clearly be heard in all outdoor environments. Our advanced equipment utilizes a low power consumption making it easy to plug into many outdoor electrical outlets without blowing the circuits from your home to outdoor pavilions.

About 40% of our weddings last year were outdoors. Many of those were also referrals from other companies that have not made this investment in technology to be heard clearly in open environments. Other DJ companies have tried to take their indoor systems outside and with variables like terrain, wind, and power consumption, they have a very hard time being heard and definitely a hard time being heard clearly.

We’ve been requested by live bands, national recording artists, and even other DJ’s to provide our equipment for their outdoor events and music performances. There have been a few parties where we’ve been told that our sound can be heard from 4-6 miles away! This may be a bit overkill, but it proves that we have some of the most powerful, technologically advanced equipment made to date! As we see it, you have only one wedding, and as the hired professional company, we had better make it a phenomenal experience because no one else can.

Is there an up-charge? NO!

However, We do have some guidelines that you must be aware of.

  1. Our DJs must be out of direct wind, rain, and sunlight. All our DJs are made up of 60% water and do not melt if warmed. However, the clause is mostly for the equipment. Years ago, most speakers were called “passive” speakers. Meaning they had a wooden box and some sort of cone and magnet powered by an external amplifier. This meant you could put the speakers out in the sun and literally nothing would happen. The amp was stored in a rack under the tent or shaded area. Now, most speakers are what called “Active” speakers. These have all the electronics INSIDE the speaker. This creates heat inside the speaker. Add a hot sun, and you have a recipe for disaster! SO why not go back to the old way if it’s a “headache? Well, back then you usually had ONE big amplifier to run multiple speakers. If that failed, all sound stopped or ended if you didn’t have a back up. Now, if an amplifier fails, just that ONE speaker is out of the game and all others keep going so you never have a loss of sound. 
  2. Must be out of rain or moisture. This is obvious, but many don’t realize that even a little can harm computers and electronics. This means that you may not have the main components for your DJ to perform! And by no means do you want this to happen. Most of our DJs computers aren’t your typical home-use types. They are built for performance meaning that they usually cost $3500 to $6000 a piece! So carrying a backup is not likely, so like a vital organ, they have to keep it protected. 
  3. Wind. Many don’t realize it, but excessive wind can cause damage and blow over speakers, cause the Mics to sound bad, and cause issues with surrounding things like tree branches, tents, even acorns! We want NOTHING to interfere with your wedding weather it’s the ceremony, the dinner, or the dance, we need to make sure that the show goes on! 


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