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So, you’ve seen all the referral programs and get 10% off, maybe 20% off if you’re lucky right? But, today IS your lucky day! You can get one of our wedding DJ packages….FREE! See, when Brides & Grooms decide to tie the knot, the fun (and work) starts. They frequent almost every social media outlet in the search for their perfectly dreamt about wedding ideas. So many times they also know of someone who is looking for an amazing wedding DJ.

In the end, a 10% discount doesn’t drive us to pursue any purchases. Not even 20% unless we are committed to buying the product already and happen to have it discounted by virtue of luck. 30% gets us to stop, look and then move on. 50%, we’ll take a peek and purchase if that service or wedding DJ is comparable to what we already desire. But FREE, that’s another ballgame. And when FREE is of the best quality too….it’s nothing short of either luck you found the deal. But FREE isn’t fun if there are impossible strings attached…and it’s not cool. So let’s break it down below.

YES, they are FULL packages, everything you see online via our website. Not a stripped down…”freebie” “special” package. We are not about stripping down our award winning services to offer a low quality cheaply discounted free wedding DJ package. How can you get it for free? How does it work? What are the rules and limitations? We’ll explain below!

First Step

Simply book your wedding with us no matter when (NO limitation on dates, times, or even year!).

Second Step.

Get someone to book with us! Ok, so who’s that “someone”? It can be ANYONE who tells us YOU sent them to us! It can be friends, family, facebook friends, someone from work, someone from a blog, someone from a forum, someone you don’t even know.

What YOU Get!

We know that your efforts won’t go unrewarded besides the amazing services you get from us. So even if you have one person book with us, we’ll still reward your wedding.


You Book a Deluxe package:

They book the Deluxe Wedding package.

You Get: Your new price:
1 Booking = 20% Off $716.00
2 Bookings = 50% Off $447.50
3 Bookings = 100% Off FREE

They book the Ultimate Wedding Experience package

You Get: Your New Price:
1 Booking = 50% Off $447.50
2 Bookings = 100% Off FREE

They book the Ultimate Supreme Wedding Package

You Get: Your New Price:
1 Booking = 100% off FREE + upgrade to 6-hour package


You book the Ultimate Wedding Expereince Package:

They the Deluxe Expereince Wedding Package.

You Get: Your new price:
1 Booking = 25% Off $11271.25
2 Bookings = 40% Off $1017.00
3 Bookings = 80% Off $339.00
4 Bookings = 100% Off FREE

They Book the Ultimate Wedding Experience package

You Get: Your New Price:
1 Booking = 40% Off $1017.00
2 Bookings = 75% Off $423.75
3 Bookings = 100% Off FREE

They book the Ultimate Supreme Wedding Experience Package

You Get: Your New Price:
1 Booking = 75% off $423.75
2 Bookings = 100% Off FREE


You book the Ultimate Supreme Wedding Expereince package:

Due to the nature of this package, booking others less than the “Ultimate Wedding Experience” package results in lower percentages until you book the same package.

They book the Deluxe Wedding Experience package

You Get: Your new price:
1 Booking = 5% Off $6175.00
2 Bookings = 10% Off $5850.00
3 Bookings = 15% Off $5525.00
4 Bookings = 20% Off  $5200

They Book the Ultimate Wedding Experience package

You Get: Your New Price:
1 Booking = 10% Off $5850.00
2 Bookings = 15% Off $5525.00
3 Bookings = 25% Off $4875.00
4 Bookings = 50% Off $3250.00

They book the Ultimate Supreme Wedding Experience Package

You Get: Your New Price:
1 Booking = 30% off $4550.00
2 Bookings = 50% Off $3250.00
3 Bookings = 75% Off $1625.00
4 Bookings = 100% Off FREE


The “Fine Print” of it all and Q&A.

What guarantees me for the FREE weddings. 1. The person that books MUST use your FULL Name that YOU used on the contract with us. 2. They check their date and then they can put your name in the “referred by”, “Comments”, or “Coupon” section of the contact form after checking their date. It’s that Easy! Once they’ve booked and the down payment has been made, you get your discount or FREE wedding!

What are some tips that I can use or places to go to find people to book? Well…There are literally hundreds of ways to get your wedding for FREE. But some of the most common, post links! Write on blogs, wedding forums, facebook, twitter. In the past, we’ve had some couples go to the extreme in “marketing”. They would do Google ads, they would get someone to post links using their name as the discount code. But many Brides & Grooms are finding it easy to tell others about our services because we are one of the best.

Why are you doing this program? We feel that there are too many DJ scams out there and not enough great DJs. The discounts aren’t great enough and the hidden fees by other DJ companies leave Brides & Grooms with unknown fees and a growing bill in the end. This is a way that each Bride & Groom can bring down their cost of an amazing DJ service without much effort. It gives us a boost as well to give each Bride and Groom the wedding they’ve dreamt about because that’s our passion.

Dates and discounts are subject to availability. So book as far out as you’d like! We have Brides and Grooms that have booked three years in advance to get this deal.

Do you have to book then get the discount? NO. You can wait, gather your referrals, then all book at once. Again, dates are subject to availability, but if you wait too long…your date (or theirs) may get booked out!

Can I book over the FREE amount and get paid? No. You can only book as much as the program states unless otherwise stated above. If you book the Ultimate Wedding Experience package OR the Ultimate Supreme Wedding Experience packages, you can NOT drop down to a Deluxe Wedding Experience package. However, you can always move up.

What if I contracted for the Deluxe Wedding package and got X-amount of people to book, can I switch to the Ultimate or the Ultimate Supreme Package? Can I still get the number discount? YES. You can always upgrade but can’t downgrade.

Does this apply with any discounts? YES! The percentage off will be relevant to your discount instead of full price.

Do the people booking qualify for any discounts? NO. They have to book at full price. However, they are then eligible for the program.

I got you a wedding in Texas (or any other state) does that count? YES. Destination weddings do count, but there are travel charges associated, but if they book us from another state, it’s just as good as Minneapolis or Minnesota!

I booked the Ultimate Wedding Package at 4 hours. Can I still get the discount for the extra hours? YES! add 1 hour for $75 or you can add 2 hours for $100. You would still get the percentage discount off on these additional hours as well.

We reserve the right to cancel or modify the program at any time. However, your discounts will remain if the program is canceled. We are NOT responsible if the booking person(s) do not use your name for the discounts. If they confirm that you did refer them after they’ve booked, we will honor the discounts. We reserve the right to verify the new client booking us, their credentials, and the validity of their contract with us to ensure accuracy and honesty.

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