We always get asked, can we pick out DJ? Well, the answer is…sometimes! If you’ve seen one of our stars in action and you know they fit your wedding perfectly, then we can definitely assign them to your wedding. If you’ve never seen one of our DJs in action, then we assign the perfect one for you!

How does DJ Sound Productions pick the DJ? There are a series of things that we look at BEFORE we pair you up with the right wedding DJ on our staff.

We look at your music selections. We analyze our wedding DJs based on how they perform the music, what they have been traditionally used to playing for as far as genera’s and style. Also, when we talk to you about 10 days before your wedding, we get a feel for your personalities, your music tastes, your families and guests likes and dislikes, the crowd type, the average age of the crowd, the venue, the location of the wedding and reception, and so much more. As an experienced company, we should know how to do this, and do it well.

Some ask for a particular DJ. We can definitely honor that request. But, if you saw our club DJ in a club setting, or one of our bar DJs in a bar setting, ┬áhe may be part of our club or bar DJ’s and not tailored to weddings. If that represents who you are as a couple, we’d definitely encourage you to pick exactly what you want.

Many other companies are “One man bands”, they try the “jack of all trades” and in all reality, their personalities don’t match up with everyone. Some companies have you pick the DJ based on experience and have a pay scale relating to those with more experience. This isn’t fair either as they expect you to know how to pick the proper DJ. And when the DJ Shows up and he’s not what you thought he was (personality, skill level etc.) your stuck with that DJ. When you call the company to complain, they “pawn” the responsibility off onto you stating the YOU picked the DJ and it’s not their fault.

With DJ Sound Productions, this is our responsibility. That’s why you hired a professional DJ company in the first place right!




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