Minneapolis wedding DJ insurance. We have YOU covered!


Why is this important? This year we’ve seen a HUGE increase in Minneapolis Wedding venues that are requiring the wedding DJs to carry liability insurance. This covers them, you, and your guests from any damage or injury. 


Wedding & Party Venues


To put this into perspective on why your Minneapolis wedding DJ NEEDS to carry insurance, simply put, more and more wedding & party venues are suing the contract signers (Brides & Grooms for example)  for things like damage to the venue and even normal wear and tear! For example, the DJ slides his gear across the dance floor and scratches it, the venue will sue you if that Minneapolis wedding DJ doesn’t have insurance. If a guest trips and falls over cords, the wedding venue nay cover medical bills. If the venue does cover the medical bills, the insurance company will sue you in order to recover those costs stating that your DJ was the one, by playing music, causing the guests to dance, caused the injury. 


Another example is the use of fog machines. The venue may allow it stating that it can be used (at your own risk), but then in many cases over the last two years, the venues have said that they’ve caused moisture damage, and guess who gets sued…YOU. When the DJ has insurance, that covers it! 


Lighting example. Some strobe effects can trigger seizures in those that are epileptic or those that don’t know that they have a certain condition of seizures that are caused by strobe lights. Our insurance covers those medical bills and any insurance company that wants to go after someone for those bills.


Private residences wedding and party dances


Lets go one step further. Say you own the residence that the Minneapolis wedding reception and DJ will be held at.  Our contract states that if our DJ makes an error, we are responsible. But what about an unwanted guest? What about an unruly guest that knocks over a speaker and it breaks, or falls into a pool at a poolside party, or a guest trips over a cord and breaks an arm, leg, ankle? Do you want to make that insurance claim on your homeowners policy? That’s why we are covered!


When the DJ company has insurance, this becomes NOT YOUR PROBLEM anymore. DJ insurance It’s a matter of taking responsibility and owning up to any mistakes that could be made and making the situation right. DJs that do not carry DJ insurance will pass this liability on to you. This may implicit that they may be irresponsible, negligent, or, worse, untrustworthy 


What about the Minneapolis wedding DJ contract?


So you’ve signed the contract. You notice that there’s a TON of provisions and scenarios that hold YOU responsible as the contract signer. But is that fair? Did YOU trip and fall, did YOU cause the dancer to wear high heels and sprain an ankle? Did you set up the DJ equipment and misplace the cords causing the trip.


Many of those that sue the homeowner or the venue aren’t the venue managers or the homeowners themselves. It’s the guests or patrons or worse, their insurance companies that have millions of dollars to sue you! Just because you signed a contract with the release of liability for the DJ doesn’t cover you, and in many cases, holds you responsible.


Is there ever a time that YOU ARE responsible and not insurance?


Yes, there are a few. When you do know that there is an unruly guest and they intentionally damage the DJ equipment or a crime has been committed like underage drinking for example. There are some cases where you are responsible. But for all other cases, we have the insurance that covers us, you, and your guests.


Want proof of our insurance? DJ-Sound-Productions-Insurance-Policy to see a copy of our policy.





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