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One question we get asked is: Can our wedding DJ do wedding games? Our answer is YES! Wedding Games are a great way to engage your Guests and keep people entertained. Our DJ’s/MC’s conduct the games for you.


There are a few things to remember though. Doing too many wedding games can stop the excitement of dancing. When asking this question to yourself, keep in mind two things.


1. Your Guests. Are they the Game type? Will they participate? How many people are attending? If your guests are not the dancing type, Games may be a GREAT addition to the evening. They bring laughter, fun, and engage your guests even more. Even though you may anticipate participation, your Guests may not be all that willing. This is where out DJs/MCs can make the decision to return to music, wait a little longer, or keep gathering Guests to participate in the games. if you have a fewer number of Guests attending, pick Games that are not “Large Group” orientated or if it’s a really small number of guests, Games may not be the best choice. In the end, you know your families best!


2. You and your spouse. Are you both the “Game Type”? Are you doing the wedding games for your enjoyment or Guests enjoyment? If you’re not the “Game Type”, that’s ok! Your Guests may be. But it’s YOUR Wedding, and you should ultimately choose this option if it’s something you want.


No matter how you slice it up, whether you want No games at all, or a ton of games, we will accommodate your wishes because it’s YOUR night! If you want to select a few games and have you or our DJ/MC decide on the night of your wedding, that’s acceptable too!


All our games, instructions, and wedding game choices can be found in your ONLINE PLANNER. We also allow you to construct variations of the games as well as enter or come up with games of your own! Below is a list of games that we currently have in our list.


The Shoe Game Is He/She my Husband/Wife?
Kissing Game Bride & Groom Trivia
Dinner Table Release Games Wedding Dress Contest
Love Story Game Balloon Stomp Game
Musical Men/Women Balloon Pass Game
Unwrap the Gift Game Balloon Pop Game
Pass & Guess Dinner Game Scavenger Hunt Game
Price is Right Game Hershey Kiss Game
Anniversary Dance Game Car Wash Dance
Give back the Keys  


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