Covid19 and your wedding.


What we can all agree on is Covid19 has everything all out of wack! But should you worry about your DJ company? With us, the answer is NO! Here is our Covid19 policy, Q&A going forward through Dec 31st, 2021.

Have we, will we, or are we canceling any weddings?

     NO! You have enough to worry about. We feel that Venues & the Government has placed enough restrictions and guidelines on weddings and gatherings that we don’t need to add to it. We have never canceled a wedding since inception and we are not going to start now.

What if my venue cancels or the Gov closes down gatherings?

     What we are doing is allowing TWO FREE date switches (within a calendar year) and unlimited venue switches. (See additional below)

Do you have any requirements for Covid19?

     No. Again, the venues have their guidelines, and as far as our DJs go and company policy, we will let the venues dictate what is best for them and you. Just let us know and we will make sure that we are in compliance.

Do you have the above promise in writing? 

     Yes. We include a signed Covid19 addendum with your contract that is available 24/7 in your online account. Since you are NOT changing your terms, just our signature is required if it’s a benefit for you. Should you need additional items in the addendum, let us know and we can write one up and both parties sign it.

Can I just cancel my date with you?

     You are still subject to the cancellation terms. However, in our addendum, if the Gov cancels all events for 30 people or more for a consecutive 6 months or more, we require you to reschedule. If on the 2nd reschedule, this happens again, we will refund your monies paid (less the down payment).

Why not refund the down payment if I cancel?

     All companies incur expenses. A cancellation is client induced. The Gov states that events may be deferred, not canceled. So as much of a headache it is to move your date, we found that in 2020, less than 2% called it “quits”. If Force Majeure were in effect for covid, the “client” and “the company” would BOTH be bound to that clause. Most Brides & Grooms would NOT want to BOTH be bound by that clause for Covid19. Why? Then your vendor could cancel any time, without penalty, and that would be devastating to your wedding leaving you high and dry. If there were a natural disaster, then that would be under that clause. At the time of booking, the down payment is made with the assumption you are going ahead with your date. The down payment goes into company expense as a reasonable fee for booking expenses. The non-refundable down payment is compensation for work completed, NOT “punishment” for a signed contract. Again, we will refund ANY additional money paid if Covid guidelines do not permit you to have a wedding outdoors or indoors.

Anything else we should know? 

     Yes. We also guarantee that you will not be charged additional fees for covid19 guidelines. Furthermore, if there are price changes from the time of your old date and your new date, we will NOT pass those on to you. Your pricing in your contract is guaranteed!

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