Something many people don’t know about entertainment companies is how their staff is hired. This can hinder your event greatly. There are two ways a DJ is “hired”, Subcontracted & Employed. Both are explained below.


1. Subcontracted DJ’s. By definition, they are their OWN entity. Meaning they control their own actions. They are not employees. Subcontracted DJ’s are required to provide their own insurance, their own equipment, and run the show the way they see fit. They are under no obligation to uphold the “company” you thought you hired, policies and guidelines. If something goes wrong, you can not hold the company you hired responsible, but ultimately have to hold the individual DJ responsible. Since subcontracted DJ’s are usually on a “cash paid” basis or 10-99, they are extremely hard to hold accountable and find information on. The Subcontracted DJ has no obligation to anyone but themselves in terms of liability. Classification….their “Independent workers/contractors” and this could greatly hinder your event as those DJ’s have nothing to lose, since you don’t know who they are, and identity is hidden behind their broker like company.


2. Employed DJ’s. They are registered with the state’s employment division. They are on the company payroll, pay taxes, and are under the company’s insurance umbrella. They are a part of the company and ultimately the companies responsibility. If anything goes wrong, the company has a liability because that employee is “employed”. Thus resulting in the company you hired being held responsible for everything in their contracts, their website, and their DJ’s conduct.


Things that indicate a DJ IS NOT EMPLOYED:


  1. The “company” makes you (or enters themselves) the DJ’s name in the contract.
  2. No reference to “The Company” name in the contract.
  3. Vague contracts. No guarantees of any sort. Why? Because they are usually unsure of what the Subcontracted DJ might do.
  4. After down payment is made and “contract” signed, you are ONLY dealing with that DJ.
  5. Payment is made to the DJ, not the DJ company.
  6. The company doesn’t have any equipment inventory. A subcontracted DJ supplies his own equipment.
  7. The “Company” doesn’t have a PUBLIC contract online for everyone to see. Their contracts are hidden. Why? Each DJ has their OWN rules, requirements, and demands.


These are just a few examples. The best way is to simply ask. We do not subcontract our weddings out. It’s not fair, honest, or professional.


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